Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis

I've been battling this crippling injury for approximately 3 months now.  It improved steadily for the first 2 months through a combination of physical therapy, easing my physical activity routines and drugs (Meloxicam).  However, over the past month it got worse again.  I think this was spurred by my "graduation" from PT at a time when I was feeling so much better, which led me to think I was invincible again resulting in over-doing it and an immediate injury setback.  Then my prescription ran out.  And it was downhill from there.

I started experimenting with different rehab techniques.  One frustrating thing about PF is there is no set course for recovery.  Info gleaned from the web provides contradictory advice (even from medical professionals).  Some say rigid shoes and orthotics and rest while others say flexible shoes, barefoot when possible and keep active.  It's all over the board.

I don't think the custom orthotics I got right about the exact time I started to remiss have helped at all.  I have now decided to take a path of moderation - I'm intent to keep running (though in moderation), keep skiing (no need to moderate there!) and keep doing my PT excercises.  I am also exploring some alternative guidance that focuses on strengthening the feet and returning them to a more natural form and function.  However, I will be wearing more supportive shoes with OTC orthotics (Superfeet) but I think I am ditching the custom orthotics, which are way too bulky and rigid.  Taping my arch for support seems to help it but I only want to resort to this technique during times of challenging activity, not for everyday.

Oh, and I am seeing a specialist for ASTYM therapy on Monday - Google it if you want to read more about this promising non-invasive treatment.

Anyway, my foot has been feeling better the last few days, which I attribute to my new philosophy and path.  I hope it continues to improve and feel the ASTYM treatment will fit in well with my current trajectory.  Wish me well!